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Once Upon a Time There Was a Little Girl: The Healing Power of Fairy Tales in the Lives of Seven Women   Winner of the iUniverse Editor's Choice Award



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Once Upon a Time You Had To Kiss a Lot of Toads

To Find Your Prince Charming...Not Anymore



Snow White relied on seven men to take care of her in exchange for cooking and cleaning. Sleeping Beauty could only come 'alive' with the kiss of the perfect mate. And the heroine in Rumpelstilskin worked her fingers to the bone spinning that straw into gold to keep her husband happy. Do elements of these fairy tales resonate in terms of your real life?

Dr. Marcella Hannon Shields, Ph.D, author of Once Upon a Time There Was a Little Girl, believes they most likely do and she offers up some harsh reality: The bad news... the Prince isn't coming. The good news? You can make your own happy ending.


Dr. Shields takes a unique look at the lives of seven women through the re-telling of seven fairy tales. She shows how the power of these tales lies in the fact that they're timeless stories — usually about someone who has been abandoned — with a modern-day happy ending: even if you think you're not the prettiest, not the smartest and feel the least favored, you can still win in the end by recognizing your strengths and building upon them.


Using her thirty years of clinical experience, Dr. Shields will show your audience how yesterday's fairy tales can change your life for the better, by examining:


  • The Disney distortion of the original fairy tales and how it creates unrealistic expectations — for both men and women
  • The increasing role of women who are mothers in the world of politics, corporate leadership and finance — and what it means to the home life
  • The high stress of young girls to emulate movie star beauty and fashion in order to get the attention of their 'prince'
  • The rising number of women who are single parents
  • The high number of fathers raising daughters with no maternal presence.

"The endings of these fairy tales are just the beginning of the larger story of life, becoming a King or Queen means that you have claimed your power over your own life...and THAT is how you live happily ever after," notes Dr. Shields.

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